A Retirement Party

One of the things I loved most (and there were a lot of things to love!) about working at a public library during high school was having so many amazing people as co-workers. Sadly, I’ve been away from them for two years now, but I do my best to drop by and shelve some books every so often when I’m in town. I always look forward to visiting, and catching up with my librarian friends there!




This past weekend, I had the honor of being able to help with & attend a retirement party for a friend from the library. We have a long history together, since she ran story time at the library when was a little pipsqueak. She has passed on a love of books to so many children (myself included), and I’m so thankful that I was able to work with her!




Obviously, part of “helping” with a retirement party means sneaking my camera along and taking photographs. The venue was a community cabin on the cliffs overlooking the Chesapeake Bay – so absolutely beautiful. After setting up for the party the night before, L and I snuck down to the beach and watched as the sun set pink and orange and gold over the Bay. The waves slapping the shore were occasionally interrupted by a jumping fish. We watched the horizon for mysterious creatures (stingrays, apparently) and searched for sharks’ teeth. It felt a bit like being a kid again- you know, the wide-eyed fascination with nature, the exploration, adventure…






I’m so thankful for good friends, beautiful parties, and all-too-short weekends.





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