An Interview with Bedlam Magazine’s Cory Copeland

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There have been some great new publications coming out online in the past few months or so. I now read the news consistently (thanks But my newest favorite publication is Bedlam Magazine, an online blog-style magazine that writes about faith, culture and people. I love the honest articles on faith and social issues that are focused on asking questions and honest discussion, not on dictated “answers”. Today, I’m interviewing Cory Copeland, the Editor-in-Chief of Bedlam.

Cory Copeland

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Alright! I’m Cory Copeland, an author and husband and father living in Little Rock, Arkansas with my wife Bri. I’m the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bedlam Magazine ( and we’re aiming to cause a commotion.

You helped to co-found Bedlam Magazine. What moved or inspired you to found it, and why is Bedlam unique from other online magazines?
My partners (Jayson Schmidt and Cassi Clerget) and I were growing complacent with a lot of the content we were seeing online in the Christian community. A lot of it seemed very safe and uninspired. So we decided to create a place where anyone could come and learn and share about anything. Rape culture, drugs, sex, abuse, everything is up for debate at Bedlam and we aim to do that with compassion and grace. We want to cause a commotion but we never try to incite or anger anyone. We’re about family and supporting one another. I think that sets Bedlam apart from a lot of other sites who also focus on faith and culture.

photo 3What is your favorite part about your role as editor-in-chief of Bedlam? Are there any challenges as editor that you didn’t anticipate before starting?
My favorite part is building this family and community around Bedlam with the writers and editors and street team and readers. Every day feels like one big family reunion (albeit online) and there’s a sense of camaraderie and safety that comes with that.

Your writing background before Bedlam?
I started writing online in late 2011 and was able to build a small readership through my ramblings on God, Life, and Love. From there, I built relationships with the people I work with now. I’ve published three books. One is my story of confusing infatuation with love in my first marriage, the second was a novel, and my latest is a devotional that was released last year.

Favorite or most important topics that you write about?
I have a passion for relationships. I’ve made so many mistakes in my romantic life and caused (and felt) so much pain, that I almost see it as my responsibility to allow others to learn from my mistakes and hopefully avoid all the heartache I’ve been through.
I also feel it’s necessary to discuss issues like depression and addiction, things I personally deal with every single day. People need to know they’re not alone in those struggles, and I enjoy being someone they can relate to and talk to.

If you could sit down and have a long conversation over coffee with one person, who would it be?
I don’t drink coffee, so may I have a hot chocolate instead? haha
I would have to say Jack Kerouac. His writing is what made me want to be a writer and he was so insane with the words that I want to understand that. I want to learn from him and try to understand what it means to be that good of a writer.

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