Travel: A Day in West Highlands, Scotland

This morning, Rachel from rachelthings is guest posting! She’s Scottish, gorgeous and loves being outdoors, so basically, she’s awesome. She’s here today to tell you a little bit about her recent weekend in the West Highlands.

I spent the weekend in Portuairk, Ardnamurchan – the most Westerly settlement in the British mainland. It is such a beautiful part of the West Highlands of Scotland and I feel a real sense of freedom when I am there.

There’s not much in the way of shops or bars, but there is plenty to see. Today, I will tell you about one of our days in Ardnamurchan.

I got up early in the morning to get to the beach before High Tide. I wanted to collect some mussels to cook for my breakfast, but I didn’t have much luck. This bay has periwinkles everywhere, but not many mussels. I have since been told that mussels are more abundant in the next bay over, so hopefully next time I can have my seafood breakfast.



After having a regular breakfast, my boyfriend finally emerged from his slumber, and we decided to go hillwalking. The unspoilt land and the beautiful shades of green made me feel like I was in Game of Thrones!





The hills and coast were beautiful – especially since the hills were dotted with pretty flowers!


There weren’t a lot of crofters and farmers in the area. (Editor’s note: crofting is a type of Scottish farming – learn more here.)  There were no shortages of animals roaming around, not to mention the lovely birds which often nest in the mountain forests.





After a long day of walking, we were exhausted! We headed back for a bowl of soup and enjoyed the sunset before bed.



Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 2.28.48 PM

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