Out and About: Villareal at the National Gallery of Art | Washington DC


If you’re in DC and want to see something a bit different from the normal museum exhibit, head over to the National Gallery. They’ve installed Multiverse, a light sculpture by the American artist Leo Villareal in the walkway between the East and West buildings. You can walk through it normally, but I’d suggest using the moving walkways so that you can really look at the exhibit around you!

I went a few weekends ago with my dear friend and talented photographer, Meredith. We spent a good twenty minutes going back and forth through the walkway, sometimes taking pictures, and sometimes just absorbing the light patterns going on around us. (correction: mostly taking pictures.) If you’re into art, definitely fit other exhibits at the NGA, but if you only want to go for Multiverse, plan a lunch or coffee date around it! The food court is right next to it, and I happen to know that the cafe there serves a jillion different types of Italian gelato.


Happy Monday, my friends!

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