On Break


The silence on this little blog has been intentional – midterms happened for both Deena and I, so neither of us were able to spare time for anything other than studying and exams. I would have posted this weekend, of course, but I was in the Virginia mountains with an internet connection that resembled molasses in February.

It is now Spring Break, and I couldn’t be more excited to come home for the first time in two months. I love DC, with all of its crazy comings and goings, but something about the farm and its slow pace of life is refreshing. This evening, (after spending hours at the library down the street, my second home), I took my German Shepherd out for a walk, and we traipsed back to the creek together. I left my phone, camera and all other technology in the house, and as much as I wanted to take pictures of the beautiful woods, fields and water, there was something intentional about leaving that hectic life behind.

Sometimes reflection is good for the soul. This weekend, I had time to sit back and reflect on God, and this evening, on the beauty of nature. But it is impossible to leave technology behind for too long. So I sit here at the kitchen counter with my laptop, watching my mother slide a knife through opaque hard-boiled eggs – they fall onto a bed of leafy greens and orange carrot wheels. I only hope that the images I’m sharing from this weekend will also give you a moment, even through the screen, to reflect on nature and a slower life.





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