Travel: Stonehenge, England


Oh Stonehenge. I’m sure this is probably sacrilegious or something, but of all the places I’ve traveled to, Stonehenge is definitely the most overrated. You see, on the History Channel, they don’t tell you that you can’t walk up and touch the stones, and that you have to approach the stones through a visitor’s entrance/tunnel. They also don’t tell you about the people.


The people taking pictures. The many people taking pictures.


and the people taking selfies (oh hi Becca! This was too good not to post. xoxo).

Seriously though, I was unimpressed. And freezing by the time we got back to the bus. We were allotted an hour for the visit, but Michelle and I only looked at the stones for about a half an hour – there’s only so much you can do when you can’t touch them.


So, we slipped into the nearby sheep pasture and observed things. Mostly people – not only had we come during the height of tourist season, but we’d also come just a few days before summer solstice. There were many trailers around, and some of the characters we saw were fantastic (like, you see them in news articles kind of fantastic). That was one of the highlights of the trip out there.

Then, we took our obligatory photos and high-tailed it to the warm bus.

So, while Stonehenge is really interesting, in terms of “must-see-sights”, it was very commercialized and crowded. If you want to see ancient stone circles, there are many others in the UK. I’d recommend finding one and hiking to it to get a truly fabulous stone-age experience.

(p.s. I’m pretty sure this is it for my England photos, but stay tuned!)

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