Travel: Bath, England

Believe it or not, I still have a few photo sets from England this past summer that I haven’t posted. Since I’m currently a bit homesick for Europe, tonight seemed like the perfect time to post my photos from Bath.
We arrived in Bath in the rain (predictable England for you). You can see the rain in photos from the Roman Baths, since the rain hitting the hot water created little puffs of steam. But by mid afternoon, the clouds had departed, and the sun shone ferociously (punctuated by ten-minute long downpours). Quite funny: as soon as it starts raining, the shop owners put up umbrella displays in order to attract the ill-prepared tourist or two.

The cathedral in Bath was probably one of my favorite cathedrals that I visited in England, (although the Santiago de Compostela cathedral is my all-time favorite. Because where else can you walk on the roof of a cathedral?). Anyways, back to Bath. The stained glass and roof architecture was absolutely amazing – I wish I’d been able to attend a service there, since I can only imagine how beautiful it might be.

After wandering around the cathedral, I walked back outside, towards the river, ducking in shops to avoid the rain. I found a beautiful (and almost deserted park) by the river. 80p for entry, but it offered some of the most beautiful views of the river. I love the empty places, the insignificant places, especially when visiting a tourist destination like Bath, where the main plaza in front of the church is filled with hundreds of people waiting in line for the baths, or wandering around the cathedral building.

I’ll take the empty, quiet places instead of the noisy ones. The noisy ones are overrated anyways.
















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