Copycat’s Closet

Take a look at Deena’s first post! She’ll be joining us as Fashion Contributor this semester, so make sure to give her a warm welcome! – Amanda

Have you ever seen a pretty outfit on a celebrity that you know has a pretty price tag to match?

Happens to me all the time. I started figuring out smart ways to duplicate the look without doing much to my pathetic college budget. 


The look I found

Who: Elizabeth Morrow

Featured on: ModCloth

How I got it: On one of my thrift store raids I found a large pair of old velvet track pants. They were the exact color I was looking for (yay!) and about 4 sizes too big for me so I knew I would have enough fabric to work with. I took them home, cut them up, and put it back together to make a skirt.

The shirt, tights, and shoes were pieces I already owned. Remember that your celebrity look doesn’t have to be an exact replica, no matter how gorgeous it may look on them. Put your own twist on it.

The motorcycle jacket I actually found by scavenging eBay. This is hard because you not only have to find one that’s cheap enough for your budget, but you have to make sure you can trust the seller as well.

The total cost? $21



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