I’m Going On an Adventure


I’m sitting on the edge of my bed, feet dangling over the side just inches from the ground, but still free and somehow unhindered by the lowness of the bottom bunk. The bedding is clean, cleaned before break in the pell-mell of finals week, and I just want to bury my face in the fluffy pillows and breathe deeply. In. Out. In. Out.

Somehow it seems unreal that I can go from my family-of-six, crazy-and-awesome-as-heck home back to the orderliness and white concrete walls of my dorm room in one day, or even within a few hours. Somehow it feels as if the journey should be longer, because the two worlds are polar opposites.

So here I am surrounded by clothes lined up in drawers and binders waiting to be pulled out for tomorrow. I’m waiting on textbooks that were supposed to arrive by now, but really it’s alright because this week is syllabus week and we’ll desperately hope that the books I pick up at the mailroom tomorrow are the ones assigned for this week.

My planner lies beside me on the bed, open to this week’s schedule – classes, meetings and work shifts already lined up in rows of purple ink that seem a bit daunting. Probably because of the room numbers that have yet to be memorized, but by next week I’ll have them down to a science. So I’ll work a zig-zag across campus this week, from the library outwards, but always back to the library where I spend the majority of my time studying, working, or visiting with the lovely people I’m privileged to call my co-workers.

I can’t wait to see familiar faces, to wake up in the morning and wrap my hands around a steaming mug of tea, sling my bag over my shoulder and head off to wherever I’m going that day – I just can’t wait to be busy, to be going, to be doing something. {I’m not a control freak at all…}

So as I sit here in my dorm room, for the last evening of break, I’m savoring the anticipation I feel for tomorrow. {I’m excited for a Monday, guys!} So let’s go do this, you and I. Let’s conquer this week and wake up with an unhealthy sense of excitement for the day ahead.
Let’s make “I’m going on an adventure!” happen every day. Starting today.

p.s. ^^quote from The Hobbit.
p.s.s. this may have been written on a Sunday, but you’ll see it on Wednesday. xoxo

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