Handmade Books Pt. 2: Binding/Spining {& giveaway}

For part one of this tutorial, head to this post. {link}

Part 1 of this tutorial ended with an open-bound notebook. My mom walked by when I was working on one of them (I’ve made quite a few to perfect these tutorials!)Β and asked if I was going to create a spine. Now, I love the look of an open-bound notebook, but they look beautiful when you add a spine to them as well.
This takes a bit of extra time, and some extra paper, but the result is fabulous.


* You should have enough paper on both covers to fold over the spine area.
1. Start by finishing your initial binding, as outlined in Part 1.


2. Knot and trim your threads. Your notebook should look similar to the above picture.


3. Now, fold over one side of the paper to make a crease. Dab glue on the four sets of stitches and then fold the same side down again, and hold it for a little while until the glue sets. Now, brush glue on the other side of the cover, and fold it up to cover the first side.


4. Now you’ll need to place the notebook in an upright position to dry, so that the spine sets properly.


5. When your glue has finished drying, trim the edges of the top cover side, so that they match the top crease (see below for an example). Congratulations! You’ve “spined” your book!


Now, for the fun part! To win the notebook used in this tutorial, enter the giveaway below.
This particular notebook was made using legal-sized paper, so it is sketchbook-sized. (Perfect for drawing or doodling!)
– USA and Canada only (because of shipping).
– Ends on January 18th, 2014.

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