New Years | 20 Before 20

New Years is actually one of those things I forget about until December 30th or so, when my Facebook feed is chock full of resolutions.
I’m sure I made a resolution or two last year. To be completely honest, I don’t remember what they were. It hasn’t mattered to me, really. I feel no disappointment over not keeping a resolution, or heck, even remembering it, because 2013 was incredibly fulfilling in so many ways.
So instead of doing a resolution, I’ve decided to put together a 20 Before 20 list. (20? What?)


Instead of just trying to do one or two things throughout the entire year (although there are a few of those on there), I’ve created a list of 20 things that I’d like to do before my 20th birthday. It’s more like a bucket list, so to speak.


1. Head to Politics & Prose in DC (still haven’t gone!)
2. Explore a city I’ve never been to.
3. Find an internship.
4. Touch up on/learn another language.
5. Break my nonfiction trend and experiment with creative fiction
6. Go to _____________.
7. Publish something.
8. Post more often on this blog.
9. Read & watch a performance of a Shakespeare play I haven’t read.
10. Do something incredibly spontaneous.
11. Meet another online friend in person.
12. Explore a few local hiking spots in DC.
13. Shoot a fashion portrait session.
14. Roadtrip somewhere with friends.
15. Do something brave.
16. Go internet-free for a weekend (or two).
17. Visit the rest of the Smithsonian museums
18. Write more letters.
19. Binge-watch Sherlock or Elementary for a weekend. Obsessively.
20. Take an unnecessary class for fun.


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