Today, a guy asked me if I was ready for the new year. I said yes, and asked him the same — “oh yeah. but even if you ain’t, it’ll come anyways, so I figure you just gotta face it”.


Some personal highlights from 2013:
– January: changing my major to English Writing –
– March: traveling to Spain for Spring Break –
– May/June: studying in Oxford –
– October: the Delight NC Retreat –
– November: the Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend {beautiful & powerful} –





2013 was really an amazing year, personally. I feel like I’ve hit my stride with university, and found a good academic fit as an English major. I’ve loved all of my classes – even the few that I thought I wouldn’t like all turned out to be phenomenal. I’ve grown as a writer, and have had the chance to hone my skills. You’ll note my absence on the blog this year – mainly because of my schedule. I’m hopeful that next year will change that, {but more on that later}. I traveled. A lot. To Spain, to England – totaling about 7 weeks abroad this year. I’ve only spent about 8 weeks at home in Maryland this year, since I seem to be defining a personal home in DC, at school and in other places I’ve lived over the past 50 or so weeks.

But now it is December 31st, and I’m sitting on the edge of my bed with my sweet kitty curled up next to me. She’s sleeping, as I should be too, but why sleep when you could be writing? 2013 has been beautiful for other reasons as well. People, mainly. A few more friends have disappeared (it’s truly a phenomenon), but they’ve been replaced with friends (both old and new), coming alongside me as I navigate school and those fabulous trials that come from young adulthood. {I couldn’t have done this year without you {and our Skype sessions and our late night talks}. Thank you. Not to be mysterious, but you know who you are.}
So really, 2013. You’re going to be hard to beat, but I can’t say that I’m not ready to try.
Hello 2014. You look pretty exciting.


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