Free Lightroom Preset Collection – Bright and Bold

I’m super excited to announce that I have a new set of free Lightroom Presets for you. I’ve released presets in the past, and some of my first ones were even featured on PhotoTuts. However, I’ve grown a lot as both a photographer and editor since then. I made the decision to release, for your own use, four of my signature presets that I use to achieve my personal look. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Classic Vintage was originally developed for a barn shoot where the weather was overcast. It brightens and gives a film look to photos because of a slight grain (which is easily removed in the Lightroom grain menu).For those of you who are enthralled with VSCO, this is the closest preset I have to VSCO.

Evening Bold is incredibly versatile. I generally use it for half of the portraits I shoot, especially during golden hour or dusk. This was originally developed on beach photographs, but it does great in a lot of different settings. It’s not as film-y as Classic Vintage, and doesn’t bring out as many highlights.

Portrait Brights was actually released before, but because I use it so much, I decided to include it again in this set. It brightens and gives photos a creamy look that is easily adjustable. I also developed this on beach photos, but it does great things for skin tones in a variety of conditions. Just add a little vibrance and you’re good to go!

Saturated Blonde was developed from Portrait Brights. Let’s just say that this preset is the former’s more outgoing cousin. It is full of vibrance, and I love it for some golden hour photos. Colors like reds and yellows tend to pop, but you may need to saturate the green a little bit more, depending on your taste.


My goal with these presets was to create something that was a good base to adjust. Between these four, I can cover about 70% of lighting conditions for my photographs, and then just adjust it based on the photo’s specific needs.

Please enjoy these. I also want to let you all know that while my previous presets have been a lot of fun, as of January 2013, they will no longer be available for download. I may bring a few favorites back in the future once I’ve modified and improved them. However, you have until then to download them to your heart’s content.


2 thoughts on “Free Lightroom Preset Collection – Bright and Bold

    1. Hi Carmi,
      Yes, you do need the Lightroom software to use these. The file type is only compatible with Lightroom, and they won't work with Photoshop.
      Thanks for asking!

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