Unintentional Ramblings of a Friday

Sometimes, I feel the itch to be in the kitchen. This is natural, and is encoded in my DNA. My mom is a chef, my dad is a farmer. Both of my parents deal with different sides of the same thing – food. Over the past year or so, so gradually that I’m not sure exactly when it started, I’ve realized that I have this love for food as well.

And so it begins again. As I work with this new hobby.. passion.. obsession, trying to find where it all fits in. Meanwhile, I’m finishing high school. For good. This week, I’ve finished two classes, which leaves me with three left. Maybe I’ll end up graduating sooner than my May 18th date? That would be so friggin amazing.

Graduation party lists are done. I hope. I really really hope. Senior pictures are scheduled with Ellie (yes, this Ellie), and I’m just pushing through the rest of my classes. (AP Lang, Business Writing, and Digital Video Production.)

I apologize if I’ve become somewhat reclusive lately. (Sorry, to all my friends who haven’t heard that much from me.) I’m in this funk where I just want to be finished with school, but I’m also not sure what I’ll do with my life over the summer when I don’t have school. For the record – I’ve never taken a summer break through high school. I’m not really reaching out to friends like I normally do. It’s comforting when others are actually taking the time to reach out to me, talk to me, and just hang out. (thankyousomuch – K, K, J, B for skyping/FB chatting/inviting me over to relax for a while. you have no idea how much I appreciate it.)

Work is really fantastic. Really. Going there is like home-away-from-home. To have some normalcy, with just putting away books for hours, is amazing. It gives me time to think everything through. I love when my coworkers take a few minutes just to catch up with me, and see how I’m doing.

Ha. Normalcy. It’s odd that I’d use that word, because everything is normal. But I’m so used to stressing at the end of the school year about work not being done that it doesn’t feel normal to be relaxed. To be finishing early. Maybe I’m just weird?

Friends, I’m off to research for an AP Lang paper, pack eggs and get ready to head over to J’s. Have a wonderful Friday!

One thought on “Unintentional Ramblings of a Friday

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and it seems we may have a lot in common. πŸ™‚ Good luck finishing up school! I'm very much ready for summer.

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