On Excessive Planning

I’m really good at being a control freak. I like to plan excessively for things, and often have a picture in my head detailing exactly how I want them to be. Two of my talent themes are futuristic and maximizer (i.e. perfectionist). So often, I have unrealistic expectations. When things don’t work out how I planned them, it frustrates me. Like today. But you know what? It’ll be okay. As my sweet friend Meredith reminded me, more often than I’d care to admit, I just need to let go and let God take control.

It’s kind of comforting, not having to be in the drivers seat all the time, you know? I need to accept that things won’t work as planned, and then move on with life, and let God be in control. Can I get an amen?

One thought on “On Excessive Planning

  1. Definitely something to remember. God has control, and there's nothing we can do about that. When we try to take control, that's when things go awry.
    Have a lovely day, friend. 🙂

    Liz B

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