Monday Inspiration (7)

Today is the third day of my spring break. I’m so excited to have an entire week + two weekends without school. This time will allow me to catch up on emails and such, as well as to work on a few new obsessions. (No, I’m not telling you yet…)

1. Food Inspiration. This lemon pudding from Cooking for Seven. (link) Joe Pastry’s website. (link) Potato Knish from Smitten Kitchen. (link) These cookies from Cannelle et Vanille. (link, link, link)

2. Photography Inspiration. This kitchen portfolio. (link) This color styling. (link) This photography post. (link) This amazing photographer. (link)

3. On the Blog This Week.Β 


4. Random Inspirations. This DIY tutorial. (link) These earrings – for a good cause! (link) This USB drive. (link)

I’ll be hosting a giveaway on my friend Liz’s blog this week – make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Also, on a side note – I’ll probably be putting up a vlog this week. Have a lovely Monday!

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