Bright Day – Free Black and White Lightroom Presets

Okay guys. I’m super excited about these presets. Like, seriously? I’ve been trying to create the perfect outdoors black and white presets for a while. And after quite a bit of work, here they are.

Bright Day B&W Preset Collection

Original, SOOC image


1. Bright Day B&W 2. Bright Day Sharp B&W 3. Bright Day Contrast B&W 4. Bright Day Muted B&W

These presets were specially created for outdoors photos. They were created on the JPG file type, but with some noise/exposure adjustments, you may be able to use them for RAW photos.

You can download them on this page, along with my other free presets.

Have a lovely Friday, friends!

(p.s. congrats to Cyndi, the winner of the earrings from last week’s giveaway! I may or may not have another, even more fantabulous giveaway in the works…)

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