THE Project: Corncribs

Hello Wednesday. In honor of this very rainy, grey day, I’ll be posting bright, sunny pictures. Ha, so there. Take that, weather.

Carrying on to THE Project. This is a project that’s been in my head for some time. I’m really excited to share it with you.

May I introduce to you THE Project. The first part isn’t an acronym, I promise. It just looks cooler with capital letters. Every so often, I’ll post a set of pictures portraying either an object or theme. Themes will be based on books. Sound cool? Yep, I’m excited too. I feel that I tend to snap a few pictures of something, and then move on without digging deeper and discovering what else the object offers for my camera. THE Project is meant to be a deliberate look at how I shoot photos.

You’re welcome to join me, if you wish. Comment with the link to your blog post – I’d love to see your take on THE Project. No pressure though. This is a personal journey, not a meme or a weekly blog link-up.



The corncribs exist in so many of my childhood memories. For as long as I can remember, they’ve always stood there – two metal cages. One is entirely clean, while the other is covered in vines, and has been often used by the cattle for shade. Once upon a time, they held thousands of ears of feed corn – food for the cattle in the wintertime. Now that we do not grow feed corn, they stand as landmarks alongside the road to the barns.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “THE Project: Corncribs

  1. I remember when you girls would pretend they were your house, castle, or whatever. You played for hours in them. Don't they make you think of some kind of sentry for the farm?

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