Honors Interview Recap and Springtime

I WAS going to show you pretty pictures, guys. I really was. But I got a late start, and now Flickr is down.

Just my luck.

It’s all good though, because I’m long overdue to tell ya’ll about last week’s adventures in honors-interview-land. Here’s the short version:

Went to Scholars Day at the college that I’m not supposed to tell you the name of because this is the internet. Essentially, the college I’ll be going to in the fall. *fist-pump* Met some awesome girls, and we ended up exchanging emails and Facebooks and laughs and planning on rooming together in the fall. Met up with dad again and went to the admissions office for the honors interview. Walked in feeling super nervous, and walked out feeling super awesome. (Let’s hope this is a sign of if I’ll get into the program, shall we?) Oh, and the professor had an awesome accent. The end.Β 

I was going to give you a long, dictionary-length version, like the one I bombarded my poor father with on the way home, but I won’t. It ended up being an awesome day, and it made me even more excited to go to university in the fall. Was that even possible?

Oh, lookie here – Flickr is back up again. Magic.Β 


Have a lovely, lovely evening!

7 thoughts on “Honors Interview Recap and Springtime

  1. Yey yey! I'm so happy for you Amanda πŸ™‚ I can't wait to go back down to my college again. (I love saying that … my college.) If I get lucky enough, they'll invite me down as a music scholarship finalist!

  2. I'm so glad that things went well for you – it sounds like you made good connections!

    Accents make me smile – my friend is Australian and I could listen to her talk for hours!

  3. Okay, I am enormously pleased the interview resulted in new friends.
    How awesome that will be to go to school with bright faces awaiting your arrival. (:

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