Beading Night (what homeschoolers do when partying)

This post is for those of you who 1. wonder what homeschoolers do for fun or 2. think that we have no fun at all.

Let’s just run through a few things. I’m homeschooled. I’ve never had to attend “regular” school, except to take AP Exams and the SATs. And yes, I take AP Exams and the SATs. Upon meeting me, you probably wouldn’t guess that I’m homeschooled – some people mistake me for a college student. Needless to say, I don’t “fit in” with the very noticeable homeschoolers (i.e. the skirts and tennis shoes stereotype), but I don’t “fit in” with a lot of people who go to “regular” school.

I love hanging out with friends. One of the more recent activities I participated was a beading tea party/potluck. It was loads of fun, and every single girl who attended was homeschooled. We’re planning on making these crafting get-togethers monthly, which excites me quite a bit. This is our version of partying.

Here are a couple of photos for you.


2 thoughts on “Beading Night (what homeschoolers do when partying)

  1. And this is why we are such good friends dear ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sometimes, I think people might not know that I'm homeschooled, unless I've told them. Although, there was one time at summer camp when one of the guys (who also happened to be homeschooled) asked if I was .. and I asked if it was obvious, and he said that he would've guessed. But, he was homeschooled too, so maybe it's an insider's thing. I certainly don't fit in strictly with homeschoolers, but I can also sort of fit in with "normal" schoolers too.

    I'm totally not a partyer — a book/bead/craft/tea type party would totally sound amazing to me. Or better yet, a singing party with my chorus friends, all of whom are nerds like me. =)

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