Thoughts (From the Girl in the Cafe)

Random thoughts from yesterday, while sitting at a cafe table, participating in the fine art of people-watching. 

With the realization of my personality strengths from the life coaching class I’m in, I’ve been feeling far more inspired today. The song overhead is saying “maybe I’m just crazy”. Who knows? Maybe I am. I’m procrastinating on English homework right now, but it feels great to be alive, jotting down there thoughts. It feels great to be alive.


I’m so excited for this short film (an assignment in Digital Video Production). I’ve received several enthusiastic responses from people regarding it. If I do well, this video may end up being presented to far more people than I’d originally intended. Especially with this possible new development.

It just occurred to me how quiet I am all the time. At work, while doing school, and now while sitting here, writing this. Funny thought, huh?


I love my camera, and I take too many photographs. I’m so glad journalism allows me to also pursue this medium of self-expression. I feel so daring, so alive right now with this freedom. Like Legs Sadovsky, but not in a dangerous way. (Reference to a character in the book Foxfire.)

Also, I love people-watching. So much. If someone could read my blog before they see me, (every time someone glanced at me), I wonder what they’d think as opposed to what they think now. Ah, the great mystery of being mysterious.

Even funnier, what if I ever sent these notes to someone? This is now realized because I’m posting them on the internet for the entire world to see. People, this is what occurs in my brain when I’m not saying anything. Sometimes it’s not quite this positive.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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