Volleyball and Sunset – Day 2 of Appalachian Trip

farmgirl-0025.jpgfarmgirl-0026.jpgfarmgirl-0190.jpgfarmgirl-0146.jpgfarmgirl-0126.jpgfarmgirl-0134.jpgfarmgirl-0095.jpgfarmgirl-0120.jpg farmgirl-0075.jpg

Now that I’m here in the south, and have been since Monday, I keep catching myself speaking with a light southern accent. Maybe it’s because I’ve let my initial nervousness drop and feel so comfortable here. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the amazing people I’ve met here. Yesterday was jam packed, but one of the highlights (one of many) was going to a volleyball game with some college girls. One of the great things about going on so many road trips after getting my new camera is the amount of different photography opportunities I’ve been gifted with. This is my first time capturing a sports event, and I hope it will not be my last. There was something incredibly exciting about rooting for a team with a couple hundred other people, and capturing those amazing moments in the game. (for more pictures, as always, go to my Flickr page)
I took over a thousand pictures today. I was able to meet a friend from my online school, and we took loads of photos together. (She is also a photography geek. We had loads of fun.) So needless to say, more photos coming soon…

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