Birthday musings

farmgirl-0027.jpg farmgirl-0044.jpgfarmgirl-0036.jpgfarmgirl-0029.jpg farmgirl-0032.jpg

There’s something about the fog that creates an eerie, ethereal feeling to these pictures. It’s that time before sunset where the air is chilly, and the dampness penetrates your very being. Watching the sunrise from our duck blind on the creek heightens the dampness, and leaves you waiting for the first rays of sun to poke over the horizon and warm the earth.


And this is how I spent the morning of my birthday – with my father, watching the sun rise on the creek. It was, in one word, stunning.


The rest of the day consisted of lots of food, being sung to, and shelving library books. (Love my job so much. I’m so very blessed.)


Now I sit in my bedroom, attempting to type while Opal purrs (and drools) all over me. Today kickstarted an extremely busy rest-of-the-week, mostly involving inordinate amounts of schoolwork as I try to prepare for my upcoming trip. But this evening, I’m trying not to think too much about the work ahead of me, and I’m just enjoying the moment.
I can’t quite wrap my head around being a year older. It’s even harder knowing that this might be the last year I’ll be home to celebrate it with my family as a result of impending college studies. What is this madness? Where did the time go?
Regardless, I’m grateful for this time – right now. I’m grateful for the trials the past year has tossed at me, not because they were easy to go through (on the contrary), but because they’ve challenged me and helped me to grow. What is that they say about praying for patience? They say that if you pray for patience, God will give you opportunities to be patient. The same with… any other fruit of the Spirit.


I’m grateful for the joys, the tears, the laughter, and the sadness. I’m grateful for my amazing family and friends who’ve stuck with me through it. I’m grateful for this time.. this moment, and for the opportunities presented to me.
Here’s to another year of growth and adventure…


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