Fall in the water, just like a stone











The title of this post is a part of the lyrics to my newest song obsession. >>here<< I went out with my camera this afternoon. I had a destination in mind, but was scared that I wouldn’t get there in time to see the end of the day in it’s fading glory.
This is no river, but it is a tributary into one. Many people have been surprised when I call it a creek because of it’s size, but it is one. There’s something magical about the water at sundown. It’s gorgeous, filled with that magic light that leads photographers to call the hour before sunset “golden hour”. The reeds and cattails look like shimmering sticks in the sunlight, and the water is filled to the brim with sparkling goodness.
You know, the real magical thing? That I can still describe it at 10pm after waking up at 3am for Farmers Market.
Oh the joy.
Have a lovely rest of your weekend, friends!

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