Amanda Does Hard Things…

… like, blocking Facebook for the week. And baking cupcakes.

Happy Almost-Monday, readers! I seem to have hit a weekly rotation of posting once a week, on Mondays. Hey, you know. It’s all good, right?

1.) I’m currently reading the book “Do Hard Things” by Alex and Brett Harris. The book is challenging me to aim higher than I have been previously, and not to be satisfied with just getting by (or excelling according to our culture’s standards), for God’s glory. Honestly, if you haven’t read this book already, please, please do. It is amazing, and life-transforming.

2.) I made more cupcakes today (Sunday). Whoa – another weekly ritual!
cupcakesandrandomness 011

This one is a delicious Lemon cupcake.
cupcakesandrandomness 014

This one is an Apple-Almond cupcake. I actually used PW’s Best Frosting recipe on this one. It’s kind of fabulous – it uses flour instead of powdered sugar (which is good if you have a perpetual shortage of powdered sugar around the house).


Wait, did I just make you hungry? Whoops… sorry. *wink* Cara and J – I’m talking to you. 🙂

3.) I’m so on the verge of finishing up 3 subjects. (Actually, one is already finished). Thank goodness. Just in time to start senior year, too. I think blocking Facebook will definitely help this week. That site is too addicting. Even though I love it to death.

4.) I recently got an invite to both Pinterest and Spotify. The first is a style-board/awesome website. The second is a music playlist website. I adore them both. I can now satisfy my longings by looking at cupcake pictures for inspiration and listing to any song I want. Oh yeah…

What do you love?


cupcakesandrandomness 018

Blogfest winners – I’ll be sending out most of the prizes this week. 🙂


Have a fabulous day!

(It’s 8 minutes till 12. It still counts as Monday though. To me *falls over*)


4 thoughts on “Amanda Does Hard Things…

  1. It's a good thing I don't live near y'all–I'd be over there eating those lovely cupcakes every week and NEVER get this excess weight off!

  2. YUM!! Makes me hungry too 😀

    And, I actually have "Do Hard Things." I think I'll start reading it too — this week. It might help me with my "final push." (You know what I'm talking about…lol). But, I applaud you on blocking FB — excellent thing to do, that I might try! Even though yes, it is soo addicting and I love it to death.

    *hugs* — Liz B

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