Happy Monday (evening)! (winners and cupcakes)


1.)  I made cupcakes this weekend. They were delicious cupcakes. People – I am officially on a cupcake craze. They are so amazingly fun to make, and absolutely adorable. The first image set is the Earl Grey Cupcakes. The second is the Vanilla w/ Lime & Coconut frosting.


2.) I’m having loads of fun working at the library. Last week was a bit insane – the router was hit by lightening, so we had no internet till Wednesday. Hey, you know… as one of my coworkers said, it was baptism by fire. This week marks my 6th week working!

3.) The winners of my Blogfest 2011 giveaway are….

Seastar necklace – Maria

Gift Card – Joanna1485

Teardrop necklace – Betty (if you’re reading this Betty, please shoot me an email at amanda@farmgirlwrites.com. I couldn’t locate your email).

Earrings from Dragonflight Designs – Jessica

Most of you have been contacted already. Thank you everyone for entering! I also hit the 300 follower mark during the giveaway, which I’m actually happy about. I stopped focusing on “numbers” a long while ago, but it’s amazing to know that so many of you read this little blog! Welcome to all my new Blogfest followers! I’d love it if you’d stick around, but totally understand if you decide to unfollow.


Happy Monday (evening) everyone! May the rest of your week be filled with sunshine and cupcakes!

3 thoughts on “Happy Monday (evening)! (winners and cupcakes)

  1. Yay!!! =D I'm so excited. Wasn't expecting to win with so many entries. Wonder which pair I should choose…perhaps ones that can match that lovely necklace you sent me (which I wear all the time btw) Je

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