Pictures, Ya’ll

Because I’m so cool like that, I’m actually entering a photo challenge. For the first time in ages and ages.

You all have see this picture before, but I kind of adore it.

Lovely, no?


Grace Loves the Beatles

Yes, I did lie. It’s only one picture, so the plural in the title is inaccurate. However, I’m leaving it, so I can leave this awesome little disclaimer at the bottom of the post.


5 thoughts on “Pictures, Ya’ll

  1. That sure looks like what I remember of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Is there any truth to the fact that Ya’ll is singular of all ya’ll?

    1. It's actually not, though there is definitely a resemblance. πŸ™‚ This is actually on the east coast, near DC. As for "ya'll", I have no idea. I just use it 'cause I was raised with it (and it sounds cool as well). Thanks for the comment!

      1. Wait, isn't it actually "y'all", not "ya'll"? Sorry, I was just reading through your blog and I couldn't resist. πŸ˜₯

        And considering "y'all" is a contraction of "you all," I don't see how any form of it could be singular; unless someone decided to make it singular, which is possible. Maybe.

        Good picture, by the way.

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