Blog Designing Made Easy

Just a short preface – everyone, please give a big welcome to my friend and the newest contributer to Farmgirl Writes, Laura! She’ll be popping by every so often with lots of tips for you on how to make your blog look awesome…

Your blog. The first thing people will notice about your blog is the way it looks. Does the background take away from the content? Is the sidebar cluttered with unnecessary widgets and gadgets? Does music start playing as soon as someone clicks on your blog? Here’s a few tips that can help shape up your blog and make it look fantastic.

1. Choose a design that doesn’t distract. Whether you choose a blogger template from a site you found on Google, or a cute background you copy and paste into a little gadget on Blogger, make sure your background doesn’t distract from the rest of the blog. Make the design compliment the rest of the blog. If you’ve got a blog about flowers, find a flower background. Are you a writer? Find one that’s about writing (but good luck on that one, I’ve never seen a premade background for writers that looks good).

2. Keep it simple.

Amanda has done a great job with keeping her blog simple, but interesting at the same time. More and more I’m seeing people ditch that background and going with a white, simple background. It lets the material stand on it’s own.  White is just a classy kind of background. Everything looks great against it.

3.  Don’t add all the fancy gadgets.

Sure, you have a facebook page for your blog? I do, and that’s fine. But, instead of adding link after link to your facebook page, your email, your twitter account…. why not try the little social media icons? You can find them anywhere and link your pages to the images, and they’ll take up less space than linking with words. Plus, they look good. So, it’s a win-win situation, right?

4. The Music Debate

Should you have music on your blog? Sure, it’s your blog. Should you have it on autoplay? No! Autoplaying music is a quick way to lose traffic. I’m sorry, but my Sara Evans music does not go along with your Justin Bieber. It’s just annoying and not everyone is going to like the music you’ve got playing. It’s best just to steer away from this, and besides, I’ve yet to find a music player from those freebie websites that actually looks good on a blog.

5. Choose widgets and gadgets that apply to your site.

For a while, on my blog, Lala Land, I had a writing tip of the day widget. Worked well since it was a blog about writing.  If you’ve got a news app on your blog, but you never talk about the news, what’s the point? Make sure everything on your blog is related to something else.


That’s all my tips for now, but I’ll be back with more.

I’m Laura (also known as Lala) and my blog is Lala Land. I write mystery books, act, sing, and love designing blogs.

3 thoughts on “Blog Designing Made Easy

  1. Thanks for the tips! I agree with the whole white background idea too. My background is a crisp and clean grey, but it looks simple and isn't all flashy. 🙂

  2. AWesome. Thanks for the tips! I agree with you on… pretty much everything. But… about the music.

    See, I agree with you about 97%. On my blog I have a bar for the music that's not in the way, it's not ugly, it blends in well, and it followers you wherever you go on the page. So you can pause it or turn it off no matter where you are on the page. Also, I have the volume on like… 5, so it's a background noise, and my music is all slow tempo. I personally like it, and I've gotten lots of compliments on it, and when I take it away I get alot of complaints. Now some people have music players you can't find, and they blare loud music. That I think is annoying.

    But hey, that's just me. 🙂 Great post! Can't wait to hear more. :DDD


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