you, I love

There are so many things that make my life amazing. Even though I continually push myself because “I’m not trying hard enough”, or “I’m not good enough”, there are days where I realize how much I am blessed.

Nope, this isn’t a mushy post. Why’d you ask?

love. Vanessa Carlton just announced a few days ago via Facebook that her fourth album will in fact be out in June. Because I am a major fan, I am insanely excited… Proof of fan-hood? I own all of her albums that she’s put out.
love. I got my learners permit… on Valentine’s Day. (I’m terrible – I forgot to tell you all!) Best. Valentine. Ever.
love. Letters. xoxoxo. They are the best, especially when you receive one you’re not expecting.
love. Going back to the Farmers Market. After about two months of dormancy, I am finally getting back into that early Saturday morning routine. My dad has gone alone, and he claims he’s been telling everyone that I’m a wimp.
Hey, ya know, that’s fine with me.
I can live with being called a wimp.
But I’m the one who’s still in bed at four a.m..
Ha. Take that. πŸ™‚
love. My soon-to-be contributer to Farmgirl Writes. Are you stoked yet?
You should be.
She’s amazing, ya’ll.
blogging. I’m really starting to have fun again blogging. It’s insanely therapeutic, and having more categories to post in is awesome. That means I won’t feel as bad loading you up with a post or two every day. XD
love. There are certain people in my life who I am very grateful for. Insanely grateful for. Sometimes, I wonder what I’ve done to “deserve” to have them care about me. But then I remember what Christ did, that I really don’t “deserve”. It’s love, not “deserving”.

love. This little munchkin. Even when she drives me crazy by curling up on my lap, drooling all over me when I’m writing out AP Euro notes.
love. The SAT next week.
Oh wait, never mind.
Forget the “love” part.
I must say, I could forgive a lot on the SAT, if it weren’t for the math.
Prayers, pretty please? They’d be much appreciated.

But altogether, I’m grateful. Thankful. Loving everything that is making me see past the stress of academics, test scores, and the like. The people whom I love so incredibly, that make my day. Yes, you, I love.

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