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I don’t watch award shows. (confession, I don’t even watch television often…) However, one of my favorite things to look at online afterwards are the photos from the red carpet.
(warning – this post is looking girl-y. Just fyi for the fellows who don’t care at all about fashion… It also may be, according to some folks’ standards, immodest.)

So, in keeping with my resolution to have fun while blogging, I’d like to highlight some of my favorite SAG Awards looks from yesterday.

  For once in my life, I actually like Tina Fey’s dress/outfit. She’s normally wearing black, so this is an enormous improvement. Love the dress, it’s gorgeous on her. 
For some reason, I really really liked this look. Maybe it’s her hair, contrasting with the deep red of the dress. And the dress brightens her complexion, which is an added plus (Mila Kunis). I feel like this is elegant, but young enough not to drag her down. Anyhow…
I’ve never heard of Julia Stiles before, however – her dress? Lovely. It was probably the most understatedly elegant dress there. (is understatedly a word? Google Chrome is telling me it’s not, but I think it should be. take that, Mr. internet-browser-with-spell-check…)
Okay… it’s a bit – loud. But I love Hailee Steinfeld’s funky sense of style. Only she could pull this one off, and pull it off she did. It was fabulous to see a teen who was dressed her age. Love that…
Thank you, Claire Danes, for being cool enough to put a belt with a patterned dress… enough said. πŸ™‚
Other notable looks that I’d rather not post here, just because of extraordinarily low necklines *cough* were Lea Michele’s and Sophia Vergara’s. Immodest, but gorgeous. 
Fails? January Jones and Nicole Kidman… Horrible.   
Surprises? Helena Bonham Carter didn’t show up with two different shoes on… I was kind of looking forward to that. πŸ™‚
If you’re a fellow red-carpet onlooker, what did you think? If you’re not, and you enjoyed looking at these highlights, which one was your favorite? 

(the pictures aren’t mine, you can click on them to go to where I obtained them from. SAG stands for Screen Actors Guild)

7 thoughts on “fashionista – SAG awards

  1. OK, I think you and me aren't going to get along very well because I LOVEEEE January Jones and the dress she was wearing. I would kill someone for that dress. OK, so I wouldn't really kill someone, but I love it. Love love love. πŸ™‚
    I agree about Nicole Kidman, though, that was just weird.

    And it was so nice to see a teen dressing like a teen! Go Hailee Steinfeld!

  2. While I have to say agree that Hailee Steinfield is dressing her age (*cough*Ahem… Miley*cough*), I have to admit that I don't particularly care for her dress all that much.

    Mila Kunis, on the other hand, looks fantastic. I am in love with her whole look!

  3. So glad you blogged about this! I just looked through pics of the dresses yesterday while I should have been in class, haha. I think that Hailey looked great. It is a bit loud for me personally, but it was cute, age appropiate and still uber chic.

    Mila was my absolute favorite. Her dress was just gorgeous. She's gorgeous in general. The hair, makeup, everything was flawlessly put together.

    I'm not a Tina Fey fan, but she did look lovely. It was nice to see her in something bright.

    I've never heard of Julia Steel either but her dress is stunning.

    Now I want to do a fashion post! Maybe I'll just talk about my fave 3. πŸ˜€

    Oh and I haven't been feeling good for the past two days so that's why I didn't call you. As soon as I feel a bit better, I will.

  4. Yes, Mila and Lea had my favorite looks of the night! Love love love the color of Mila's dress. ❀

    Awww, feel better soon, okay? And just call me when you get the chance – no hurry. But I'll try and email you later. πŸ˜€

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