cold as ice

cold as ice1
It has been lovely the past few days.
cold as ice2
We have a few inches of snow on the ground, but nothing we can’t manage.
(When I say manage, I’m talking about anything less than a foot… We aren’t quite northerners, you know… In fact, people here freak out at the littlest mention of snow…)
cold as ice4

Not only has it been lovely, temperature-wise, but it’s also been extraordinarily beautiful outdoors. Given the cold, I can now fully appreciate spring. Isn’t that funny, how, after each season, with faults and beauty unique to each, you come to appreciate the next one even more?
(Of course, if you live where there aren’t four seasons… well, I’ll send some snow, or alternatively, sunshine your way.)

cold as ice 7

What event(s) in your life make you grateful for change?  

3 thoughts on “cold as ice

  1. Haha, when I saw the post title I thought it would be about the weather, or Foreigner, and started humming Cold as Ice as a result :). You're so right though… it seems toward the end of summer I'm desperate for fall, and right now I'm so desperately ready for spring it isn't funny. GORGEOUS pictures, Amanda! Those are just so beautiful :). And I'd have to say what makes me most grateful for change is when it's happened-when things go from bad to worse it isn't fun, but once things get even the slightest bit better it feels like the miraculous blessing it really is, and helps me to see the necessity of the pain before. The most difficult times for me is when I’m WAITING on that change, and things are completely out of my control. Patience is a virtue-one which I do not always possess. I’m workin’ on that, though :). Great post, Amanda :). What makes YOU most grateful for change?

  2. Foreigner? I'm gonna have to go check out that song now…

    Thank you! It's amazing what 20 minutes, a camera, and snow can do to your creativity level. Those were so much fun to take…
    Hmmm, what makes ME most grateful for change? Knowing that, eventually, things will get better. And recently, they have. (If you are curious, I'll email you…) Knowing that even though things are out of my control at the moment, there's always a new day. One of my dearest friends has told me multiple times, it's how you react to things that go on around you that makes them either bad or good. I'm grateful for change because it DOES give me a chance to work on how I react, and in general, my outlook. πŸ™‚
    How's that for a lecture? πŸ˜€

  3. Foreigner is classic :). I am most definitely curious (and I FINALLY replied to your email, btw! I didn't realize until after I'd sent it just how insanely HUGE it is…. sorry about that 0.o) I'm so glad things are looking up for you! And your 'lecture' was very true, and something that I needed to hear. Focusing on the positives is my goal right now-and the idea of positively responding to the negatives challenges my habitual manner of thinking. That is a challenge that should be interesting to overcome :). Thanks for sharing, Amanda… I’m going to try to monitor my reactions more closely from here on out.

    P.S. I still cannot get over how great those pictures are! πŸ˜€ If we still had snow here, I might go out in the middle of the night and see what I can do… but it's all gone :(.

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