Cows Can’t Jump Review (+ giveaway)

Cows Can’t Jump by Dave Reisman. When I was contacted by Jumping Cow Press to review this children’s book, you have absolutely no idea how excited I was. I mean, look at the title… and the cover… and the little cow…
Before I melt into a puddle because of the overwhelming adorableness radiating from this book, let me tell you a bit more about it.

Cows Can’t Jump is a fully illustrated, forty-four page book for young readers. It is also a fantastic book to read aloud to an even younger child. The book introduces many useful verbs (stampede, fly, wallow, among many others). It also introduces many different animals – lizards, bats, sloths, in an innovative and positive environment. As you can see from the title, the book talks about things that different animals can’t do. However, for every single can’t, there is also a can. 

“Cows can’t jump…. but they can swim…. Gorillas can’t swim… but they can swing…”
The back cover states that the book “builds self-esteem and teaches respect and humility…” This is absolutely, positively true. It shows to young readers that although they can’t do some things, they can do others, and that they should be proud of what they can do, and that they should also respect what others can do. This is so, so, so important for kids to realize, and I love how this book promotes that indirectly. 
The best part about the book though (for me), would have to be the illustrations by Jason Maas.Go here to see more pages from the book. The animals are all so precious and innocent – perfect for a young child to look at. (Think reading aloud at bedtime…). Some of the illustrations are hilarious as well (the expressions on the animals’ faces – priceless). 
This book makes me happy. πŸ™‚ Very, very happy. However, I would have to contest one point – some cows can jump. Especially when they’re bratty, and they want to run away. (I’ve chased many-a-cow that popped over the fence at a weak point…) Moving on…
Altogether, this book is quickly becoming one of my favorite children’s books. This could easily become a family bedtime tradition, and would also make a fabulous gift for a family with kids. 
Jumping Cow Press was kind enough to send me two copies of Cows Can’t Jump. Because I am a child at heart, I’m keeping one of them. However, I also want to offer you all the chance to win a softcover, autographed copy of Cows Can’t Jump! You must leave a separate comment for each entry.

Mandatory entry: Go to the preview page for Cows Can’t Jump and tell me which animal illustration is your favorite…

Extra: Follow Farmgirl Writes via Google Friend Connect

Extra: Blog/Facebook/Twitter about this giveaway (please include a link – one entry per outlet = three maximum)

Extra: Who in your family would you give this to? Do you have a younger brother or sister? Or kids of your own? Or maybe a niece or nephew?

This giveaway ends on February 10th at 8:00PM EST. Winner will be drawn via USA and Canada only… Jumping Cow Press sent me the books to review. I am in no other way being paid to say this. I’m just in love with this book… 

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