“You Carry the Face of Us All, Little One”

I know, I know – this is my second post today. But the other one was a giveaway announcement, so it doesn’t count. 😉
I wanted, very quickly, to share an article I wrote that was published on trifter.com today. I’ve wanted to write something on this event (the shooting in Tuscon two weeks ago), and finally found the words to write it…

The shooting in Tuscon, Arizona. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you most likely know about the event and what took place. If you know of that, then you also know about the miracle that is Gabrielle Giffords, the United States Representative who was shot through the head – and is still alive. Not only is she alive, but her recovery so far is absolutely astounding. In her most recent move from the hospital in Arizona to the rehabilitation center in Texas, Giffords teared up and smiled when hearing the cheers of the crowd outside. Overnight, she rocketed from being a politician to being a hero in the hearts of many. Why?…

…You can read the rest of the article here 

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