amazing – my friend Liz, for guest posting yesterday… with less than 12hrs notice. 
amazing – the weather, for cooperating with our plans. {read here – see #2}
amazing – Sight and Sound.
{images not mine}
amazing – my aunt and uncle for taking me, as a birthday present.
amazing – taking pictures through a car window…
amazing – those little, quaint, old-fashioned parts of towns with picturesque houses…

{note – all pictures taken through a moving car’s window, that part of the time, was streaked with grime… makes it interesting…}
{possibly one of my favorite pictures… ever. loving the shape of the house! entering this in On Cloud Nine, at pastor’s girl’s ponderings}
amazing – beauty, in general. 
{as I said, grime on the windows, due to my dear sweet uncle failing to *cough* scrape them after washing them}
{but hey, it works, right? just ignore the weird “she didn’t clean her lens” marks}
amazing – Jesus, who is the miracle we celebrate at Christmas.
Do you have anything amazing that you’ve experienced lately?

3 thoughts on “amazing

    I saw the Noah play and really want to go back, it was amazing! I had a chance to see Joseph, but we had to cancel it=/ Which ones did you see?

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