Don’t Let The Rabbit Out Of The Bag?

A few days ago, Opal discovered a paper bag sitting in the corner of my room. Upon discovering that it was empty, she proceeded to make it her own.

Isn’t she cute? 
Yesterday, I discovered that Peter had totally destroyed his box (by chewing, and other lovely things). Since his corner of the room is extremely cold (and my room is always freezing…) I needed to find him something that he could sleep in. It was ten-thirty at night, so I couldn’t exactly go downstairs and dig up another box. 
Opal’s bag was the perfect solution…
I mean, what else was a girl to do?
 Peter is thrilled – he’s fast asleep in it right now. 
Opal is not. 
But since she’s taken over my bed, I don’t think she has much to complain about. 
(an unedited {sorry!} snapshot of their most recent encounter)
Note to self – use the sports setting on your camera when taking pictures of Peter. He moves too fast for any other setting… 
For Opal, the still-life setting works just fine. 

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