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Inspiration is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? My friend Liz did a Music Roundup post, something I started a while ago. Her lovely post inspired me to post another Music Roundup…
So, here’s how it works – write a post, include links, pictures, videos, whatever you want, about the music you’ve been listening to lately! Then, come back, and link up. If you have a few moments, stop by another participant’s blog, and read about their latest musical obsessions (hey, you might discover a new favorite!).  

*warning, this post might be filled with Broadway soundtracks – I’m a bit obsessed lately…* Here’s a classic for you – West Side Story – the modern Romeo and Juliet. I’m enjoying this one a lot! Confession: I’ve never seen West Side Story, but I plan to. I have an odd habit of memorizing soundtracks, then watching the movie or show they originated from. Hey, at least I can sing along, right? I highly recommend the song Gee Officer Krupke. (13 and over, definitely. It’s well… sung by a city gang member – how else can I put it?)
Amazon (great price!)

*this is not the version I have – the one I have stars Richard Harris and Fiona Fullerton. I couldn’t find it, go figure…*I am, officially, in love with this soundtrack. The music is gorgeous, and it adds personality to the traditional characters. 

You know how faithful and devout I am/ you must admit I’ve always been a lamb. But Genevieve/ Saint Genevieve/ I won’t obey you anymore/ you’ve gone a bit too far/ I won’t be bid and bargained for like beads at a bazaar. So Genevieve I’ve run away/ eluded them and fled/ and from now on I intend to pray/ to someone else instead!  

~The Simple Joys of Maidenhood ~ 

The guy who sings The Seven Deadly Virtues, and Fie on Goodness (I’m assuming he’s the villain?) is hysterical. He reminds me of the villain, whose name I can’t remember, from The Scarlet Pimpernal (another good musical, for you musical junkies out there…).
Amazon (another good buy, people…)

And for those of you who don’t really fancy gangs or burning maidens at stake, I have a perfectly safe, wonderful soundtrack for you all.

This musical is a retelling of the Biblical story of Joseph, and includes a large amount of songs that I highly recommend. (Close Every Door, Go Go Go Joseph, One More Angel in Heaven, Song of the King…) Actually, how about you go out and get the whole album? Because by the time I finish recommending my favorites, I’ll have the whole soundtrack listed. Besides, you really, really want to listen to Pharaoh tell of his dreams Elvis-style, right? Yes, you do. πŸ˜‰Amazon 

Oh my gosh… this isn’t… a soundtrack! Is something wrong with Amanda? After all, she’s already bored us to death with her other favorites…This album is absolutely gorgeous. I’m a huge Celtic Woman junkie, as you know, but I’m thrilled that Hayley did this album with some lesser-known Celtic songs. I highly recommend Summer Fly, Summer Rain, and Sonny. For more well-known songs, she does a great job on Scarborough Fair, Shenandoah, and One Fine Day. 
Hey, one can’t listen to soundtracks all the time, can they? Gotta have a little variety in there. πŸ˜‰Amazon

It’s your turn! What are you listening to?

9 thoughts on “Music Roundup

  1. I guess if you're rediscovering oldies, there's hope for me! Sorry, I was sure that Hold the Line was Foreigner. Oops, my oldie but moldy brain missed that one. Who the heck is Toto anyway? I thought that was the little dog in Wizard of Oz. (just kidding)
    Your loving, arrow purchasing Mom :o)

  2. Hey Amanda, thought I'd drop a random comment. One reason I think you said you couldn't see the updates I post on my blog is because remember a couple months ago I changed the URL to just lifeoflizb – with no dashes? That means you'd need to re-follow the blog. And that link that's in your "Blogs of Family and Friends" needs to get the link changed too. Then you'll be able to see updates. (Thanks so much for adding my link there though!!!!)

  3. Wow, I love Foreigner and Toto! (And own both of those songs… so good :). You might also like The Wallflowers and Kansas. And The Cranberries are amazing… listen to Zombie if you get a chance :).

  4. I commented in a rush before work, and now I'm back home, so I wanted to ask if you've heard Girl on the Moon by Foreigner. That is one of my favorite songs by them πŸ™‚

  5. Taylor Swift=country pop. Trust me. I don't know about you, but country is basically all I listen to. (Except for now as I listen to "Phantom of the Opera"). Taylor started out country,. "Tim McGraw" was such a country song, and now she's lost her way. But I think "Mine" is more of a country song that the whole "Fearless" album, so I'm crossing my fingers!
    Don't be a sellout Taylor!

  6. Well, I'm glad you inspired me. πŸ™‚ I was going to do random music post anyway, and that name just popped into my head, so I looked to see if you had a button for it. πŸ˜›

    I love the Joseph songs! In fact, I sang Close Every Door for my chamber group (the upper level in my chorus) audition. And the movie is just funny.

    I haven't usually been one for musicals, but I'm trying to expand my horizons by watching some that are definitely good. I used to hate movies that had singing in them….even though I love singing. That phase has passed though. πŸ˜›

    ~Liz B

  7. Well…………….lets see……….The fox hunt and Taylor Swift , *think.think. think* nop think thats it . see you after market.
    Horse crazy

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