Carnations and Cream – Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit!

I’m not going to do this for every digital scrapbooking kit post, but I do want to just copy/paste my Terms of Use for all digital scrapbooking kits produced by CS Designs (yes, there are more on the way).
Terms of Use for digital scrapbooking kits by CS Designs. 

You may:
 Use this kit in personal digital scrapbooking projects.
 Use this kit in digital scrapbooking spreads that will be printed in a magazine, or some other sort of media – with the requirement that you send me the link or edition information (
 Use this kit in your personal blog and/or website design. 
 Use this kit in blog/website designs that you sell for less than 50 USD (total amount of money paid by recipient) – please provide some sort of acknowledgement to CS Designs (a link would be amazing, but it’s optional!).
 Use this kit in freebies, but you MUST give the link to CS Designs ( in the same place where you provide the freebie. AKA – in the blog post, with your freebie, or just below it on the web page.


 Modify this kit and pass it off as your own work.
 Use this kit in a blog/website design that costs over 50 USD, unless you purchase a one-time commercial license [please see below].

 Distribute this kit, or any elements from it in their original form. 

 Upload this kit to your site, and offer it for downloads. Seriously – send people over to CS Designs. It’s not that hard – I promise. 

 Use it in any other way that is not explicitly stated in section one (what you MAY do). 


Commercial use:

 Commercial use is qualified as mass market use, blog/website designs that cost over 50 USD, or any other business/corporation usage that does not apply to the above terms in section one.

 A one-time commercial license for use in a blog/website design that costs over 50 USD is $2.00 (USD). The kit may only be used on one design, the license is renewable (for each design done after that first one) for $1.00 per use. Please contact me at

 Any other usage MUST have my explicit permission. Please contact me at, and provide a brief summary of what you’ll be using the kit for. Rates vary, depending on the use, and amount of distribution.   

What do you think? Are you going to download it? If so, I’d love it if you’d leave me a comment!

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