ABCs of Thanks

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks
It’s Thanksgiving – a time especially set aside to ponder and be amazed at all of the things we have to be thankful for. Not that a turkey isn’t also a part of the day, but giving thanks presides over the bird – hopefully. πŸ™‚
I definitely have more than 26 things that I’m thankful for, however, we do need to stay within the alphabet. I’m going to be listing things, mostly, but I think I might throw a name or two in there.
A) Airplanes – Oh My Goodness, OH MY GOODNESS! (You won’t get this, but my dad will. It has to do with his sermon this morning. :P)
B) Best friends, who love you, even though you’re absolutely crazy. (You know who you are. :D)
C) Cranberry sauce (yes)
D) Designing
E) Email
F) Family and friends (I love you all, so much.)
G) Gimp
H)Β Hay bales. Nuff said. πŸ˜‰
I) Ice cream πŸ˜‰
J) J
K) Kittens
L) L
M) Music
N)Β Nighttimes, to catch up on all the little things you forget about during the day. (Hence why I blog mostly at night).
O) Opal. Yes, even though she’s a pain. (Shhhhh, I didn’t say that, did I?)
P) Piano
Q) Quiet mornings
R) Rabbits – namely mine – Peter, the come-back-bunny. (Not combat-bunny! Although that might be appropriate at times.)
S) Sara
T) Truth. God’s truth, revealed to us in His word.
U) Unicorns – Voldemort is evil… But see below…
V) Voldemort. Because his presence makes it so that Harry Potter isn’t good at everything he does. *cough* Hooray for villains *choke*
W) Writing
X) X. Yes, this is an X. Hi Mr. X – nice to meet you. Meet my blog readers. Mr. X is here for that one important thing I’ll inevitably forget in this list. The Unknown X-Factor. πŸ˜€
Y) Yesterdays. Because yesterdays mean that the mistakes from that day are behind us, and that today is a new day. πŸ™‚
Z) Zippers. Wouldn’t clothes be a pain without them? (In other words, Z is a letter that I have no original words for… sorry to disappoint.)

2 thoughts on “ABCs of Thanks

  1. I'm there with you on cranberry sauce. I LOVE it. Sometimes I have to ask for the bowl to be pushed away from me. πŸ™‚

    I was blessed reading your list of thanks. Thank you for linking up.


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