Peter vs. Opal – The Epic Saga Continued

Peter – he’s innocent and sweet, but is very suspicious of the resident cat. 
Opal – she’s spoiled rotten, and is quite jealous of Peter. Do you see that calculating look on her face? 
(think criminal thoughts, Opal. go for it…)

Peter and Opal have now had their first epic face-off. 
(sorry the picture is a tad blurry, it’s the only one I took before my memory card was “out of memory”)
Can you tell by the picture who won?
If I was a gambler, I’d be taking bets right now. 
But I’m not, so never mind. 
They were trying to stare each other down. You know what they say about cats who can stare you down without blinking? It’s not true, don’t believe a word of it. Especially if this little puss can get stared down by a big white rabbit. 
That’s right. Peter won.
Nope, I’m not kidding. 
I think I see this whole predator/prey social order being quickly rearranged. At least in my room.
Thanks to everyone for their help last week, especially to Nela, who provided me with some links to articles online about cats and rabbits. I learned that rabbits are more often-than-not the dominant ones. 
I told that to Peter, and apparently he liked the idea.
I’ll be keeping you guys posted (pun is not intentional)! But wait, don’t leave before you have a chance to check out my CSN stores giveaway. It ends on Friday! I’ve only got about 30 entries, so you have greater odds of winning! (aka, go enter now). *wink*

4 thoughts on “Peter vs. Opal – The Epic Saga Continued

  1. My cat, Angel, is very jealous… and has made it impossible for us to get another cat, or kitten, because she hides and cries and hisses and is just a joy overall. We did, however, just get a puppy, and so far she has been more angered than insulted. She bops him if he barks, and if he chases her she can just hop in a chair since he can't jump. She's walking around like she owns the place, and I'M SO RELIEVED! I've never seen her this comfortable around another animal, except when she was a kitten and we had another cat (they were close, and he later passed away because of a severe UTI/blockage). She has let the puppy sniff her and sniffed him, and when he is calm they get along alright and take turns chasing eachother :D. Anyway, I get the face off thing ;). We were expecting the dog to win, but when she just turned around and faced him, he flipped out-and she's won very battle since.
    Angel: 49+
    Peanut: 0

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