It’s Not Worth Having (if it’s too much to hold)…

“It’s not worth having
If it’s too much to hold
You can dig so deep
That you’re left with a hole
Thirsty in a desert with a bag full of gold
Don’t wanna end up like pirate bones
What I thought was precious was just a pile o’ stones
I might have the treasure but I’d be lying alone
Just a pile of pirate bones
If I forfeit my soul it ain’t worth having
If it’s something I stole it ain’t worth having

What if I stake everything I am on a dream
And it’s counterfeit?
If I reach the end that justifies the means
Could I live with it?
And if it’s true that having too much of any good thing
Could only make me sick
What’s the point in it
Where’s the benefit
When I’m gaining all but I’m losing it…”
~”Pirate Bones” – Natasha Bedingfield~

This should be my theme song… Seriously. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking “If only ____ (you can fill in the blank”. If only I had more money. If only I were more popular. If only I could go there. If only….
Then, I have to remember that I have so much. I have an amazing family, great friends, enough money for what I need. Why should I want more, other then it being human nature? Because the point is, I don’t NEED more. I may want it, but it’s not important, compared to what I have. 

“I might have the treasure, but I’d be lying alone / just a pile of pirate bones…”

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One thought on “It’s Not Worth Having (if it’s too much to hold)…

  1. Finally, someone else who knows this song! It is actually my favorite off of Pocketful of Sunshine (besides Who Knows, that one is great too, but doesn't have the same meaning). Those lyrics are so true.

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