Free Lightroom Presets (Collection 2)

Good morning, friends!

I’ve been thrilled with the response to my first set of free Lightroom Presets (here). As promised yesterday, I’m releasing a second set of my favorite edits. For descriptive purposes, I’ve included a few details on each preset at the corresponding number.

This particular photograph was taken at Epcot, and I really love the lighting. As with most of my presets, these emphasize clarity and exposure, without devaluing the original image.

Lightroom Presets (Collection 2)

1. Sunset and Silk preset. Good for clarity.

2. Sunshine and Shadow preset. This one is a favorite. It’s great for outdoor photographs taken in the shade.

3. Pine preset. This B&W preset is great for images where high contrast is needed.

4. Nativity preset. This B&W preset is another favorite. It produces soft, lovely images. Great for most of your B&W needs.

5. Archery Backlight preset. Perfect for backlit conditions.

Love these? Download them at this page, under the title of Collection #2.