New York City in Photographs

As I mentioned in this post a few weeks ago, I traveled to NYC with friends as my summer “vacation”. (You know you’re an adult when you start vacationing with friends instead of family.) I love traveling with people who aren’t interested in the tourist-heavy sites (thank you, Erin and Meredith, for putting up with my phobia), and instead are more interested in exploring the local area.
Our first day there, we visited a lot of camera shops, book stores (HA), and paper stores. We also saw Times Square (which was fantastic – not gonna lie). The second day, we split into two groups and met up with our respective friends in the city. My friend Janie took us to this amazing macaroni and cheese restaurant in East Village (S’MAC), and then we explored The Strand (a personal highlight from the trip).
Food and books. That’s how I roll, folks. Enjoy the photographs below from our adventures!


Come, we shall have some fun now…


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Cara (plus creek pictures and video)

First of all. I have a video for you all today. You might have to turn your speakers up a bit to hear us. Please pardon my crazy ramblings about blue water. πŸ˜‰
This is Cara. She’s a sweet friend of mine, and I was so incredibly blessed to spend the end of this week with her. We spent some time back on the creek, which is where this video was taken. 
You can find Cara here, at her blog.

Day 3 – Aquarium

farmgirl-0103.jpgfarmgirl-0198.jpgfarmgirl-0372.jpgfarmgirl-0226.jpgfarmgirl-0091.jpgfarmgirl-0086.jpgfarmgirl-0244.jpg  farmgirl-0956.jpgfarmgirl-0938.jpgfarmgirl-0908.jpgfarmgirl-0897.jpgfarmgirl-0894.jpgfarmgirl-0832.jpgfarmgirl-0750.jpgfarmgirl-0743.jpgfarmgirl-0738.jpgfarmgirl-0716.jpgfarmgirl-0660.jpgfarmgirl-0638.jpgfarmgirl-0595.jpgfarmgirl-0752.jpg

Day three of the trip south was spent sitting in on numerous college classes, pretending to be in college (very fun), and meeting up with my friend Kristin at the local aquarium. Because the final day consisted of driving, this is the last of the pictures from the Appalachian trip.
It was absolutely gorgeous there. There’s something breathtaking about being on top of a mountain at the height of autumn. The colors were so… so absolutely perfect. Even if I do not end up living there for college, I think I’ll always feel drawn to the magic of that place.
I learned quite a lot during this trip. I think over this week, going to college has become a reality in my own mind. I feel more resolved about my chosen career path (journalism). I continue to beg for God’s guidance on this journey. Visiting two colleges this past week made my decision much more difficult. I knew I’d come back loving one of them. However, I did not anticipate coming back loving… both of them.
Because my feelings on college are so split, I’m looking forward to getting back into the regular routine come Monday. I’m ecstatic to start in on school with renewed energy, and thrilled to go back to work. As much as I needed a break from them when I left… now I need their consistency. I need the structure of a routine to allow me to look sensibly at the challenges before me.

This upcoming week, I plan to turn in my final college application. Because of this past week, I’ve decided to cancel the other three applications I had planned on submitting because I know what the end choice will come to. As I finished writing this, I went over plans for this week in my head, and realized I’d forgotten about the scholarship competition on Friday. Oh… I guess my week isn’t as regular as I thought it would be.
Dang it.
Good night friends! I’m off to rest up for the week ahead.