three things {3}

Another three things post, though I think this might be slightly more than three things. I’m catching up on last week, when I’d just gotten back from traveling and ended up working much of the day instead. So this week, I’m enjoying a slightly more relaxed pace for my Monday… and am glad to be back to the blog.

This morning started off with a puzzle and tea (and Opal, who enjoys sunbathing nearby). My dining room table has become a puzzle table, since it’s not as if it’s being used for large gatherings during COVIDtide. I haven’t done puzzles regularly for a while, but I’m finding they’re a really helpful, non-digital form of entertainment during a time when everything is digital. My next non-digital exploration will be getting back into a reading-for-pleasure rhythm… but probably only when I’ve finished watching all the Miss Marple series that exist on Britbox (Hickson down, halfway through McEwan… and now eying Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie on Acorn).

Two things I’m really loving at the moment: this gorgeous map from Lord of Maps that is part of my (very gradual) transformation of my living room walls. As a Tolkien aficionado, having a map of my favorite country done in that Middle Earth style is, quite frankly, the best. This cookbook from Hetty McKinnon, which is keeping my cooking life from being very dull indeed. I’m not vegetarian, but I do tend to eat like one, and I’ve recently run out of inspiration for coming up with interesting things to make on my own. So I’m committing to more cooking from recipes to broaden both my palate and kitchen knowledge. Today I’m embarking on the Maltese ricotta pie, along with a mazo ball soup from Smitten Kitchen.

Despite me having been gone for a week, and despite almost constant battle with the leaves descending from the trees above, the planter boxes have begun to move from tiny seedlings to larger leaves. The spinach has taken the worst of the leaf assault, but I’m pleased to say that the kale is looking quite beautiful. I really hate buying winter greens, even though I love eating them, so I’m hoping to keep these beds up for as long as a (mild?) NC winter may allow.

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