weekend reflections v.2

planning// Being in the middle of the semester means that my life is quite regimented. I’ve been attempting to just keep my schedule straight between school, work, and fun (who knew that one had to schedule fun?). But the holidays are coming up, and once my assignments for the quarter are done, I’ll be able to leave for a month, to celebrate, to see dear friends. On hard days, the promise of Christmas break keeps me going.

thinking// Obviously I’m thinking about things like church history, canon law and translating hebrew. But in my spare time, I’ve been preparing for the new Murder on the Orient Express movie (Kenneth Branagh! Judy Dench!). Although I’m not quite excited about Poirot’s new mustache, I’m ecstatic about everything else. I’ve watched both the Albert Finney and David Suchet versions, and I have to track down my print copy before next week.

being// I’m trying very hard to schedule a weekly Sabbath, and to do things other than just work and classwork. Last week was not terribly restful but this weekend should have a bit more space for rest and reading. Monday is the semester’s quiet day, meaning more reading, and more sleep than usual.

creating// I’m finishing a small design and coding project. I forgot how much I loved coding, and I’m hoping to find a few more coding projects in the future.


Happy weekend, my friends!

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