White Chocolate Strawberry Challah Bread


Well, friends, I’m back to posting recipes again. My replacement camera arrived in the mail this afternoon (which is terribly exciting after being without one for a year), so now I can take pictures of the things I bake!

This summer has been mostly about pie, but the other day, I woke up with the desire to make something with yeast. This, of course, means bread, for those of you who don’t randomly crave the smell of active, bubbling yeast. So my holiday was spent minding a double recipe of challah–a slightly sweet, soft bread traditionally braided into loaves.

I experimented with putting things inside the challah dough. While I can’t say I recommend fresh peaches (they taste amazing, but make the dough too wet to work with), this loaf intertwined with fresh strawberry pieces and white chocolate chips was a big hit! I chose to tuck the chocolate and strawberries into the dough as I was braiding it, but you could also mix them in before the first rise, or before braiding (although if you do the latter, you’ll need to give the gluten in the dough some time to rest before trying to roll it into strands).

You can find the recipe for challah bread at Kitchn (along with a great tutorial for a 6-strand braid!). Simply mix the chocolate and strawberry pieces in at some point (see the last paragraph) before baking.

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