Taking Stock in a Freeze Frame

making a lot of really terrible watercolor sketches of flora and fauna. I’ve been posting the good ones on my Instagram page recently.

drinking tea, as per usual. I’m starting to fall into a rut with my morning brew, however. I think I need to try some new teas and add them into my daily rotation. Lately I’ve been craving the cinnamon-y goodness that is the House Harvest blend from House of Steep. Fortunately I was able to restock on this one a few weeks ago!

wanting sleep. On the bright side, it is a simple request. On the not-so-bright side, there’s still 48+ hours until the next morning I can sleep in.

watching a netflix documentary series called Chef’s Table which is really brilliant. It’s only feeding my current obsession in regards to food/cooking/baking.

reading a couple of things. I’m still finishing Walden, still working on Pure Act, just started Four Loves. I think I need a novel to read. (Also, I think I’m becoming one of those multiple-books-at-one-time people and I’m not a fan.)

listening to Delta Rae’s new EP, Vanessa Carlton, and a random assortment thanks to Spotify’s new Daily Mix playlists.

eating nothing at the moment. I did, however, rediscover the joy of creamy goat cheese spread on marble rye bread a few nights ago, which is something I plan on repeating.

wishing that it wasn’t snowing on March 31st (thanks Boston…).

enjoying watercoloring every day, and taking things slowly in my free time. I’ve been rushing around a lot this year to try and finish paperwork for various things, and I’m finally at a point that is mostly paperwork-free. I’m enjoying that.

hoping that spring arrives at some point so I can resume almost-daily walks out of doors.

needing to know whether I should repot several succulents that have decided to shoot up by inches over the past few weeks. I also need to decide what dessert I’m making this weekend for Sunday dinner.

following almost nothing, actually. The only thing I’ve been keeping an eye on recently has been my Instagram feed, which is filled with art and lots and lots of baking goodness.

feeling tired, but peaceful.

wearing nothing interesting. I did discover, however, on a recent trip, that most of my wardrobe is black, which makes for an interesting dig through a suitcase.

bookmarking mostly recipes. Like this Simnel Cake from Make Ready the Feast (yay liturgical eating!) and this Rugelach recipe from NYT Cooking.

loving creativity in all of its forms.

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