to bring something into existence

I’m really great at doing things retroactively. Like, picking New Years goals (still waiting), or what I want to eat at a restaurant (normally happens 2.5 seconds before/after the waitress comes). So it should come as no shock to you that, in February, I’ve finally decided a word for 2017.

I wasn’t going to do it this year–picking a word to thematically focus the whole year on seems like too much, too overreaching. I’ve been jokingly referring to it as “unpredictable” thus far, but focusing on that word isn’t all that helpful.

But I’ve realized that my calling this year seems to be different. Last year seemed to call for more absorbing, if not downright passivity at times. This year, although unpredictable, is requiring more creativity and activity than the last. Perhaps I’m finally over adjusting to post-college life. Or maybe I’m just mentally gearing up for another big adventure. (I’m going with both?) Now that it is February, I feel somewhat confident that this year will be defined by the act of creating.

Hence, create is the word that I will focus on. The act of creating seems like a good way to counter the continual stream of horrible news emerging from every corner of social media. It may be the only way to get offline and maintain sanity, in fact. I spent part of yesterday simply experimenting with watercolors. A few weeks ago, I spent every spare moment in between monastery tasks working on a new acrylic painting. I finally finished my first crocheting project earlier this week. The only social media account I’m attempting to use MORE often is Instagram, for this same purpose of creation.

Part of my resolve to create includes writing. I’m beginning work on a larger writing project for the first time since graduation. I will be writing more on this blog as well. (If you want, you can sign up to receive my writing through email–anything posted on this blog, plus a weekly extra for subscribers. If you sign up, that will be where I announce anything about the bigger project as well… just in case you need some motivation!)

create on, friends.

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