Summer Happenings (& What I’m Reading)

It is now that time of year that we may affectionately (or not so) call the dog days of summer. Virginia has been hot, humid, and generally sweat-inducing. I’ve decided that I have never been more grateful to have an indoor job. Seriously. Best way to experience this kind of summer is from the other side of a window, looking out upon the heat.

For this update, I thought I would blog about what I’ve been reading lately–both online and in print.


What I’m reading (in print): (want to keep up with my reading journey this year? Follow me on Goodreads!)

Murder Must Advertise (Dorthy Sayers) Yet another fun Peter Whimsy novel. Although, like Have His Carcase, it does seem to drag on for a little while. I do prefer the quicker pace of Christie’s mysteries to Sayers’, but I do love Whimsy.

The Fall of Five (Pittacus Lore) I suspect that the series (I Am Number Four) goes downward from here. I wasn’t terribly impressed, and I think it’s being stretched for too long. I think there’s another one coming out soon, but I haven’t decided if I’ll keep up with the series.

Hotel Bertram (Agatha Christie) Delightful, as always. This one is a Miss Marple, and it is a fabulous summer read.

Dragon Rider (Cornelia Funke) This one is a reread, since I devoured it many times as a child. However, I am SO EXCITED to find out that Funke is releasing a sequel to this book! Unfortunately, it was only after I searched the bookstore that I found out that said sequel is out in German this year, and won’t be out in English until next year. Should I start learning German, or can I wait that long for the translation?

A Red Herring without Mustard (Alan Bradley) It is so hard to find these books in order, but I’m absolutely addicted to the Flavia De Luce series. If you like delightful, whimsical murder mysteries and great plots, do yourself a favor and pick up this series.


What I’m reading (on the internet):

10 Lady Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now (Bustle) I want to listen to all of these fabulous podcasts ASAP–it’s a well-curated list! Although I do wish that Baker Street Babes had made it on there.

6 Books We Should Have Read In High School English Class (The Lala) Love this idea, but definitely have my own opinions about what these books should be! I will concur about Bronte and Wollstonecraft, though I’m pretty sure we should add Room of One’s Own (Woolf) and Persepolis (Satrapi) to this list. Regardless of my particular opinions, I do think it is so, so, so important for education and culture for us to revise our current literary canon.

Rio Olympics 2016: how the US women’s gymnastics team is going to obliterate the competition ( This is a cool analysis of the strengths of our newly-announced Olympics women’s gymnastics team!

Young, gifted and held back (The Economist) Interesting editorial (?) about millennials around the world and their futures if the older generations continue to regulate the economy for their own interests. Food for thought.

Understanding Hillary ( I’m really impressed by this piece from Ezra Klein about why Hillary on the campaign trail and Hillary as talked about by former colleagues don’t seem to be the same person (initially). Give it a read. I think I became a bit more excited about her as the Democratic nominee because of this article. (Spoiler: she listens.)

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