Wrapping Up Summer


When I was small, summers used to seem like infinite stretches of days and weeks. It never ended, just like the farm work and the weeds never ended. I think the combination of age, and of working 9-5 + a commute has made the summer go much faster this year than any before this, but I’ve still been able enjoy a few small vacations and quasi-vacations.

For instance, this summer…

  • I traveled to NYC for my first legitimate visit there with the fabulous Erin and Meredith.
  • I’ve been in DC a lot more because of my internship – I’ve been to Georgetown for the first time (crazy, right? I’ve lived here for two years and still hadn’t been).
  • I went a-Fringing and saw a variety of shows – both with friends and alone. Including one show with my fabulous friend Michelle, who I first met in Oxford, and happened to be in DC this summer.
  • I spent this past weekend in DC with the fabulous Amelia, who was in town for the CLIC photography conference/workshop. I love when blogging friends come to visit!
  • I’m currently staying in an apartment that has a pool – pools on the weekend = vacation. My sister Hannah also came up to do a sister sleepover, which was very exciting.

But now, all this must come to an end. I move back to school early this week, and start classes next week. It’s crazy to think that three months went by so quickly, but they did. Regardless, I’m excited for fall – for the things I already know of, and the things that I don’t. I’m always excited for the potential of a new season – each seems to bring a new adventure, a new opportunity.


For instance, I thought I would be studying abroad this fall. There, I said it. Out loud, in public. I have the tendency to hide my “failures” under excuses and silence, so I haven’t discussed this very much with anyone. To be fair, it wasn’t my fault at all – I suspect it was an administrative kerfuffle, but I’ll never know. Regardless, staying home this fall means that I’ll be able to extend my internship in DCtake senior seminar with an amazing professor, and be in the States to celebrate my 20th birthday.

Sometimes, these experiences – disappointments – remind you to count your blessings in ways that you hadn’t considered before. This is definitely the case with my junior year in general. I’ll probably post a bit more in the future explaining some of this is greater detail, but for now, let’s just say that I’m thankful to be where I’m at right now.

Happy end of your weekend. I can’t wait to start this Monday fresh, and get back into the school mode. What are you looking forward to this week?



3 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Summer

  1. It is crazy how fast we grow up and keep moving now that we're adults and not kids anymore. I miss those days when the summer never ended.

  2. I feel the same way about summer!! I moved closer to the beach and envisioned so many beach days, and I haven’t even gone once!! Fall should be exciting and great though 🙂

  3. Even though the summer definitely flew by, at least you got to accomplish A LOT!! I've only been to Georgetown once myself 😉

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