Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

2014-08-01_0002I started this series of pictures as an hourly project, documenting what I was doing. I think I may have started it on a regular workday, so I didn’t get much past 9am before forgetting about said project. But they’re a lovely reminder of daily routine, of groggy reading and of steaming cups of tea. Of my normal in this particular place.


I move a lot. We won’t make this a metaphor or anything, but literally – I pick up my bags and move around a lot. I just completed a move from one side of campus to the other, and now am a bit of a vagabond for a few weeks until school starts. I’m staying with some amazing, incredibly kind friends who dealt with me in my frazzled “half-packed” state of mind, and helped cart bags of books, boxes of clothes and frying pans (and books) to their new home for storage. I’m currently sitting on a new bed, eating chocolate at 11pm, blogging, and treasuring these photographic moments from my last home.


I’ve learned a lot about packing over the past two years. Packing badly, packing well, packing for the short term, and packing for the long term. I’ve learned more than just how to shove kitchen utensils in boxes and books in bags though.
When you move more often than not, there’s the temptation to adopt the lifestyle of the vagabond – not belonging in any one place and not settling down. But this, in my life, has led to the trivialization of other important parts of my life as well. Just because a place is temporary doesn’t mean that it’s not your home – that you truly don’t belong there at that particular point in time. Adopt homes whether it’s for 5 days or 10 or 100 and make them a part of your daily routine. Enjoy the coffee in your new surroundings, and memorize the cracks on the pavement or the creaking porch swing.
You may not have been there yesterday, and may not be staying tomorrow. But I’m a firm believer in making your heart at home wherever you are at, wherever you were yesterday, and wherever you may be tomorrow.
Let’s be vagabonds together – wherever home might be.

5 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

  1. This challenge is really cool! Your comments about packing are totally on point. It's really hard to be living in limbo and half packed, half unpacked.

  2. I really love the way you worded this! I move quite often as well, and it is definitely a struggle to get settled in when you're going to be moving again.

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